Injury is a leading cause of death in Ukraine. The recent conflict in the region has also had a tremendous impact with almost 4 million people affected by the crisis.  In such situations, a robust trauma system is pivotal for the communities’ success in coping with health emergencies and in decreasing the occurrence and severity of trauma and providing the best care for all trauma patients.

Since 2011, the Centre for Global Surgery at the McGill University Health Centre (CGS-MUHC) has been working in partnership with local healthcare leadership in Ukraine to augment trauma and emergency capacity. Through collaborations with different local partners in several regions in Ukraine a multitude of training curriculums have been administrated and a recent injury surveillance system has been piloted.




Summary of the main activities in Ukraine to date :


2011: Supported in the development of a disaster preparedness plan in response to UEFA Euro 2012

Spring 2012: Administrated the Trauma Team Training © (training and TOT) in Donetsk

Fall 2012: Implemented a pilot trauma registry in Donetsk

July 2015: Administered the Trauma Team Training © (training and TOT) and the Basic Life Support © in collaboration with Odessa National Medical University (ONMU) supported by the World Health Organization (WHO)

December 2015:

1. Administered the Trauma Team Training© (training and TOT) and the Basic Life support©

2. Feasibility assessment in 4 sites: National Specialized Children’s Hospital Ohmadyt, Children’s Kyiv Hospital No2, Kyiv Emergency Hospital, Bogomolets National Medical University

July 2016: Pilot of Trauma Registry in 2 sites:  Kyiv City Clinical Emergency Hospital and OKHMADYT

December 2016: 

1. Administered the Trauma and Disaster Team Response© (training and TOT) and Basic Life Support©

2. Trauma Registry progress and dissemination


The CGS continues to work with the local stakeholders and healthcare leadership to support them in the development of a robust trauma system through educational and research programs as well as through the strengthening of professionals exchanges and career development.




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