This conference aims to bring together students and professionals from different science backgrounds across multiple Canadian universities, to stimulate research and promote global surgery. This will also allow participants to present research and meet professionals in this field. We look forward to hosting world-class speakers as well as students and professionals from a multi-disciplinary perspective.


We invite you to submit the abstract of your project for a poster presentation given by the presenter at their display during designated times of the conference, to discuss their research with participants. Posters will be displayed for the entire conference.


  • Abstracts must present a clear, concise summary of the work.

  • Organize the body of the abstract to include:

    • background/rationale;

    • objective, goal, hypothesis or research question (preferably one sentence);

    • methods;

    • results;

    • discussion/conclusion.

  • Abstracts must be 350 words or less (heading not included).

  • Please use adequate spacing and text for readability. The deadline for abstract submissions is April 8th, 2019. Send to