Annual Centre for Global Surgery Conference



Through a collaborative effort between students and health professionals from the McGill University Health Centre, we aim to provide a forum for discussion regarding the different challenges and approaches within the field of global surgery. To learn more about this year's conference, click here. For information about past conferences, click here.


Injury and surgical disease are significant contributors to global morbidity and mortality. Surgically treatable conditions alone account for approximately 30% of the global burden of disease. The medical community is increasingly recognizing access to essential surgical care as a core component of all health systems, as demonstrated by the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery and WHO’s Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care. Despite this boost in international attention and research, basic surgical care remains unavailable to the majority of the world’s population.

This conference aims to bring together students and professionals from different health science backgrounds, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, across multiple Canadian universities, to stimulate research and promote global surgery.


  • To highlight the value and importance of global surgery

  • To educate students and healthcare professionals on high impact approaches in global surgery

  • To provide opportunities to present research relevant to global surgery

  • To stimulate research and encourage networking to enhance collaboration on future global surgery projects

  • To expose students to opportunities in global surgery

Planning Committee

The 2019 Organizing Committee with the guest speakers

The 2019 Organizing Committee with the guest speakers

  • Nawar Touma, MDCM ‘21 at McGill University

  • Anudari Zorigtbaatar, MDCM ‘21 at McGill University

  • Ramdane Tafer, MDCM ‘21 at McGill University

  • Sarah Chibane, MDCM ‘21 at McGill University

  • Julie De Meulemeester, MDCM ‘21 at McGill University

  • Stella Nguyen, Soft. Eng. ‘21 at Concordia University