Past and Present

Our current and future objectives at the Center for Global surgery include:

  • Overseeing global surgical initiatives
  • Promoting new initiatives
  • Program evaluation
  • Expanding on faculty, resident and student opportunities to participate in global surgical projects
  • Creating mentorship programs for residents and students interested in global surgery.
  • Formalizing training courses in global surgery open to McGill University based and non-university based health care professionals and trainees
  • Providing opportunities for exchange programs in the field of global surgery (both research and clinical)
  • Seeking and obtaining potential sources of funding
  • Encouraging dissemination of the experience gained and research performed through presentation at regional, national and international meetings and publication in peer review journals

As our programs continue to grow and contribute to global surgical initiatives, our partnerships strengthen with further opportunities for collaboration, introduction of new programs, and on-site surgical care, putting the McGill University Health System at the forefront of the global surgery forum.